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I want to delete all phone number from my iPhone 5 permanently before selling! As we all know,when we erase iPhone data by without restore to factory setting,it can't erase all data on iPhone permanently,even some professional iPhone data recovery can restore them.

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You want to compelely delete iPhone contacts, however there’s a professional iPhone contacts erase software you need to be cleared wholly. Take this guide will help you.

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A manual deletion won't remove the contacts permanently from the point of data storage. You need to first delete the contacts and use new data to overwrite the storage. In such a case , contacts will be deleted permanently. SafeEraser is a nice program in this purpose:


Thanks , i have successful erase my oersonal informations on iPhone befor selling, it work very  good,
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As far as I know, Safewiper is the data eraser expoter in the industry, many people used Safewiper iPhone data eraser program to completely delete data on iPhone and iPad before seling, this is the guide on how to erase contacts on iPhone.


Hope it works!

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You need find  iPhone Data Eraser. With it, you can use the program to erase some personal information from your device according to your own. http://www.erase-iphone.com/tips/how-to-erase-iphone-contacts.html

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iOS Eraser tool,which can easily wipe, erase, delete all data /files from ios devices. What’s more ,it also supports erase iphone data ,such as: Text Messages, Call History, Calendar, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Voice Memos, Notes,Email, Safari Bookmark, Reminder, System setting, Apple ID, Keyboard Cache, Passbook, and more.

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Yes you are right. So here you need iPhone Data Eraser program to delete all the data from your iPhone 5 without recovery. Here is the way:  Tips to Erase/Clean iPhone Contacts on Windows


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It is necessary to delete iPhone data permanently if you want to sell your iPhone ,ios Eraser is designed to delete iPhone data thoroughly and what’s worth mentioning is that those deleted data cannot be recovered any more. It wins a lot of applauses with this extraordinary feature. So you can sell your old iPhone with a peaceful mind after you have deleted all your provide information with the help of ios Data Eraser.

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If you have a few contacts or you just want to delete the certain one, you can delete the contacts one by one directly in the Contacts app on your device. The detailed steps are as below:
1. Open Contacts app from your iPhone.
2. Choose the contact you want to delete, click Edit button in the right corner.
3. Scroll down and tap the large red “Delete Contact” button to delete the chosen contact from your iPhone.
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I recently wipe my iPhone contacts with Mobiledic iOS Data Eraser. All my contacts were deleted forever because I tried several data recovery software. None of them could scan the deleted contacts.

You can follow the tutorial list in here: http://www.mobiledic.com/ios-topics/how-to-delete-contacts-on-iphone.html

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